Who am I?

I'm Jamie Ryan, I'm a fairly average man from Edinburgh, Scotland living with my Fiance and Son. I'm a freelance writer and consultant.

What is this site about?

I write about technology from the perspective of someone who worked in the industry for over a decade, specifically at BSkyB, Samsung and Apple.

I occasionally post information, with permission, that I may recieve from the many friends and contacts I have made during my time in the industry.

I also link to things that interest me, usually providing a bit of commentary along the way. I try to be funny and occasionally I succeed.

My writing and info has appeared in places such as Wired, The Guardian, Engadget, Cnet, Gizmodo, Technobuffalo and many more.

Other work

I reguarly host a podcast called Cultivate with my good friend Ben Alexander, where we discuss varying topics usually with a theme based loosely around technology. The official outline for the show is that we "take a walk through the virtual orchard and pick the topics ripe for dicussion"

I also host a show called Premiere, which is a show about movies. Recorded with a guest shortly after I have seen a classic movie for the first time, the idea is to chronicle the reaction of someone who is largely ignorant to the world of cinema (me).

I'm also a part of the media team at Hibernian Football Club. I work within a talented group to create various forms of media content for the club.


If you would like to get in touch then please do so via the form below. Alternatively I am also on Twitter

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