Online Casino Virtual Reality

VR, online casinos and the journey to the future

The rough idea of virtual reality can be traced as far back as the 1800s. This is around when practical photography was invented. The development of this idea started with the invention of the stereoscope. This is a device that makes use of twin mirrors to project one image. That, however, is a far cry from modern VR technology, which gives the user a fully realistic three-dimensional simulated experience. While this is not as impressive as the entire VR concept, it is the birthplace of the idea of virtual reality technology.

VR and its place in gaming

Right now, VR has a myriad of uses, from aircraft training to virtual gaming. There are three different types of virtual reality experience. These are non-immersive, semi-immersive and fully immersive VR. Any of the three can be used to make games come alive, literally. Among those that have taken advantage of VR technology is the gambling world, particularly casinos. Gone are the days when brick and mortar gambling dens were the in-thing. According to stakeholders in the gambling arena, VR online casinos are the next big thing, with a projected 800% growth in the industry within the next 3-5 years. Casino VR and Slotsmillion are some of the current players in this marketplace

Slotsmillion VR Casino
The heavy hitters

Slotsmillion is the oldest VR casino around. It is an entirely efficient and controlled Oculus-ready VR casino. Boasting the Innovation of the Year Award and close to 850 online slots games, it is one of the big top casinos in the UK. Slotsmillion gives its consumers a first-of-its-kind real online casino experience. With a semi-immersive (or non-immersive) virtual reality console, you can get an actual experience of what a VR casino really is. This said, Slotsmillion only offers slots and does no card games. It is important to note that online gaming is available in all three types of
virtual reality.

Casino VR, famous for its live online poker, is the only other casino that offers online virtual reality gambling. It hosts tournaments, live betting gambling and offers real prizes for games won. It features a life-like gambling experience with players from all around the world. The unique aspect about Casino VR is that it offers both slots and poke in fully immersive virtual reality. It is, therefore, safe to say that Casino VR is among the big top casinos in the USA.

The relentless push to expand the frontiers

Game developers have also not been left behind. Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is one of the top casino-game creators in the online gaming world. NetEnt has been able to embrace the finest technology has to offer. In pursuit of this modern approach to business, they have announced that they are launching the first ever VR slot. They plan to do this by upgrading their leading game, “Gonzo’s Quest slot”. This revolutionary project is just a first step in the development of VR online casinos.

The concept of virtual reality has come a very long way. Lots of industries and individuals have benefitted from it. Arguably though, the gaming scene has been a greater beneficiary than most. Online virtual reality casinos have gained the most out of all of them and are predicted to profit even more from VR technology.