iPhone 5S, Where The S Stands For Speed. Again

Back when the 3GS was launched Phil Schiller told us the S stood for speed. The assumption when the 4S launched was that it stood for Siri. Now I’m lead to believe that it will stand for Speed again. In more ways than one.

I’ve heard whispers that the framerate on the new phone may be increased dramatically, possibly as high as 120fps giving iOS 7 a very fluid feeling and really bringing to life the parallax and blur effects present throughout the OS.

Speed will also apply to the camera, in both stills and video. The stills camera will be incredibly fast at taking photos but the big features will be that the iPhone 5S will record high speed videos. These will play back nicely on the new iPhone and will also have the added benefit of being able to slow videos down to give a slow motion effect. This will no doubt lead to lots of matrix parody videos.

Those who have seen both of these features inform me it’s incredible to witness. I’m not sure whether a screen upgrade is necessary to achieve the new framerate OS wide but I am assured that when using iOS 7 on the new phone makes every other phone feel laggy and jerky in comparison.