How many iPhones, iPads and Macs does Apple sell per Day, Hour, Minute and Second?

Every time Apple announces it’s quarterly results I do the quick maths and figure out how many it is per Day, Hour, Minute and Second. This year I figured it would be easier to post it here and have it all in one place and it has the added benefit of not flooding everyones timeline.

Now I’m not great at maths but I’m pretty sure these numbers are correct. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong I’m sure

The following data is from Apples Q4 financial report which is valid from June 30th through September 29th 2013 and is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

33,800,000 total iPhones were sold in the quarter.

That’s an average of

  • 375,555 a day
  • 15,648 an hour
  • 261 a minute
  • 4 a second.

14,100,000 iPads were sold in the quarter,

That’s an average of

  • 156,666 per day
  • 6527 per hour
  • 109 per minute
  • 1 per second

4,600,000 Macs were sold in the quarter,

That’s an average of

  • 51111 per day
  • 2129 per hour
  • 35 per minute
  • 1 every 2 seconds

A few interesting things I thought I’d add are that these numbers only include 9 days of the new iPhone lineup, so 81 days are the old 5, 4S and 4 lineup.

Also, this was the last full quarter for the current iPad lineup, general consenus was that a new one was coming.

Both of those products were leaked heavily during this quarter as well.

The iPad number was pretty flat compared to last year, but it’s important to remember that at the start of the year ago quarter, the ‘big’ iPad was only 3 months into it’s life cycle and nobody was expecting it to be refreshed so soon. That wasn’t the case this time around. Basically, its a 9 month old product line selling the same as a 3 month old product line.